Thank you for being a part of our Passion to Purpose community, we’re so very happy you’re here! Our community is empowering many different types of women from all walks of life. Are you a woman who is Single, Married, a Mother, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Business Owner or Professional? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Passion to Purpose (P2P) was created by women for women, to serve as a place to gather and gain support, inspiration, encouragement and guidance as we rediscover our God-given gifts, talents and abilities. Through networking, mentoring and providing the right tools and resources, we support one another in achieving our dreams and goals for ourselves, our families and careers.

At Passion to Purpose (P2P) we understand that Women are able to do and accomplish so much. Yet, we often loose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life, doing what we need to do to survive. We place our passions to the wayside, not realizing that our passions can lead us to our true life’s purpose.

P2P Women believe that if you can identify your passion, you will ultimately find your purpose. There is no greater joy or sense of fulfillment than to live your life doing what you were created to do. Walking in your Passion and fulfilling your Purpose.

It’s all about Connecting, Growing and Reaching Back! Connecting Our Hearts and Our Lives. Growing in our Faith and in Our Families. Reaching back into our Communities. Empowering each other to live out our God Given Passion and fulfill our total Purpose. Together we can.  Join us!

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