P2P Talk: Plan. Prepare. Pursue! Start Living What You Dream About…Jan. 19th @7:30pm EST


It's the beginning of a new year and you are determined to do better than you did last year. Maybe you have realized that you cannot reach your goals without a little help. Well, this month's P2P Talk is for anyone that is interested in living their dreams and not just dreaming about it. For … [continue]

The Potter’s Wheel [Weekly Inspiration]


There have been times when I have heard a song in the car or a fiery message that leaves me pumped to conquer the world. In the midst of my high, I make these affirmations and say to the Lord, “Do whatever it takes to get me were I need to be!” The Lord hears […]


Life Lessons Back to School Book Drive [Member Community Events]


As our children head back to school, I’m excited to share a way we can invest into the lives of our youth. In August, we had an awesome P2P Talk with Angella Middleton on “Identity Check.” Just in case you missed the talk or would just love to listen to it again, here is the […]


P2P Talk: Live & Learn – Identity Check w/ Angella Middleton [Thurs. August 18th]

Passion to Purpose AMflyer

Join P2P Talk on Thursday, August 18th @ 7:30pm EST for an awe-inspiring discussion with our guest speaker Ms. Angella Middleton. To join the discussion: Dial In Info 515-604-9000; 588228 ======================================================================================================== Talk Title:  Live & Learn – Identity Check. Attorney and author, Angella Middleton, shares insights on the importance of identity and how to ensure […]


P2P Talk: July 21st at 7:30pm EST…”Overcoming Adversity Within”

Glenda F

You’ve sat down, thought about and wrote down your dreams and visions. You walk away ready to get it done. Then something happens. Anxiety, fear and doubt begin to creep into your thoughts. “Can I really do this?” What happens if I fail?”…. Join us for our next P2P Talk as we discuss “Overcoming Adversity […]


P2P Talk: Thursday June 16th @7:30pm EST, “Living the Abundant Life”

Join us for our monthly P2P Talk on Thursday, June 16th at 7:30pm EST Please use the following dial in information: Dial in at: 1-515- 604-9000; 588228  


P2P Talk: Living the Abundant Life, Thursday June 16th at 7:30pm EST


Have you ever felt like you weren’t living life to its fullest? Have you ever wondered what it means to live life “more abundantly”? Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How can I live a more abundant life”? Perhaps you have asked these similar questions. If you have then you have taken the first […]


P2P Talk June 18th Recording…How to Redefine Success…

P2P Talk for June was outstanding…please check it out below. Thank you to our guest speaker Ms. Gioya McRae for an awesome discussion. Loading the player …


P2P Talk: How to Redefine Success & Find a Renewed Sense of Purpose [June 18th]


Join us on Thursday, June 18th at 7:30pm for our monthly P2P Talk. Are you doing what you have desired to do but seem to want more? Are you a successful business owner, but feel a tug to do something else? This month, we will discuss: How to Redefine Success & Find a Renewed Sense […]


The Top 10 Tips for True Self-Improvement

self improvement label

Have you ever felt stuck in place, knowing there is more to life, but unsure how to get it? Have you thought “How will my future play out? How do I feel about the life I have lived so far? Did you feel anxious? Did you go from thinking you had life figured out to […]

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