P2P Talk: Secrecy Shame Silence…Recording

What a talk! Listen to what we learned about Secrecy Shame and Silence from Leah Ayanna Brown Johnson Loading the player …


P2P Talk: Secrecy… Shame… Silence


Let’s Finish the year strong! Tuesday, December 30, 2014 @ 7:30pm EST: Join P2P Talk for special discussion entitled: “Secrecy…Shame…Silence”, with guest speaker Ayanna Brown Johnson. Here is how you can join the call: Dial in number: 1-302-202-1115; code: 18215938 “Life is a balancing act and at any time it can evolve from a juggling […]


Get Happy!


Have you ever seen someone and they seem to just be in the best mood? I mean their light was shining so bright it was almost irritating because they were so happy and you just felt blah.  I bet subconsciously you wondered why they were so happy (if you didn’t ask) or why their step […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving word cloud

P2P would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


“Distracted, Delayed or even Derailed but…”


November 13, 2014 @ 7:30pm EST: Join us for the 3rd discussion in our From Pain to Purpose tele-seminar with guest speaker Ayanna Brown Johnson. “Life is a balancing act and at any time it can evolve from a juggling act to a disaster. Wasted time and effort can bring confusion, disenchantment and hopelessness. There […]


The Fit Life…


Definition of a Personal Trainer – A fitness professional who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen. My definition – A fitness professional whose main goal is to help clients achieve their personal fitness goals; who will also be the motivator that pushes you to those goals by […]


Unfaithful? Wrong House!-P2P Talk Recording

What to do when your spouse strays? Here is the recording to our P2P Talk on INFIDELITY, held on Nov. 6th. Take a listen. Would love to hear your feedback! Loading the player …


P2P Talk Presents: “Unfaithful? Wrong House!”


As we continue with our “From Pain to Purpose” tele-seminar series, join us and guest speaker, Stephanie Nchege, as she discusses and shares what to do when a spouse strays. We will carefully examine some of the impact that can occur and now what’s next? Stephanie is a Certified Professional Life Coach that has a […]


P2P Talk Episode #1- How I Turned My Tragedy Into Triumph

Just in case you missed the AWESOME discussion we had with Malika Anderson, click below to hear the recording. Loading the player …


P2P Talk Presents: From Pain to Purpose Teleseminar Series


Join us as we celebrate the launch of our new website by hosting our first P2P Talk tele-seminar series. P2P Talk is a monthly online chat for P2P members. Topics of interest are gathered from the P2P online networking group forums and a guest speaker is invited to discuss and share strategies and solutions for […]

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